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Tasting Notes : pale white with greenish, his bright tone has a fine and elegant bubbles. dry in the beginning, harmonious in the mouth, has a wide and aromatic final, and cheerful by their bubbles


Smelling: fine and sophisticated fragrance, reminiscent of green apples and grapes, with a minty note.



  • Meet the Winemaker

    Ignacio Ameztoi is the seventh-generation winemaker at Ameztoi, located in the beautiful coastal town of Getaria on the Bay of Biscay. Over the rolling sea-side hills, Ameztoi has over 50 acres of vines in the ground that are all grown sustainably, some of which are pergola trained -- a technique used to promote good airflow in humid regions. The sea breeze can better infiltrate the bunches, leaving a distinct character in the grapes and finished wine. The "Rubentis" is the racy, high-toned blend of the native white grape hondarribi zuri and its red counterpart, hondarribi beltza. The Ameztoi family has taken great pride in these ancient Basque grapes and they are the only two that they grow, making a white, a red, and this rosé. The grapes are co-fermented for about three weeks in stainless steel tanks before being bottled and chilled to 32° F to preserve some of the residual carbonic acid. This production method gives txakolina its charmingly light effervescence and electric acidity. 

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